APRIL 2020 UPDATE! The SDEF Board learned that our Scholars and their families are deeply impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to support our Scholars to stay in college, we quickly offered an Emergency Fund. In early April, we provided $5,000 in direct relief to our Scholars. Here is what one grateful Scholar said: "It is incredibly thoughtful of the SDEF Board to present us with this opportunity for financial relief. Thank you for trusting and believing in the SDEF Scholars."                               PLEASE DONATE BY CLICKING ON DONATE BUTTON BELOW!  THANK YOU!


The San Diego Education Fund, established in 1954, provides scholarships, mentoring and counseling to first generation, ethnically diverse college students to become teachers, scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians in San Diego.

SDEF believes that education provides the basis for individual opportunity and economic vitality. As Thomas Jefferson and Horace Mann argued, free access to public education and the health of our democracy are inextricably linked. To remain a strong democracy, public education must provide the nation's youth with the knowledge, the foresight, the vocabulary, and the analytic skills that responsible citizenship demands.